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The Santa Claus Arts & Crafts Show takes place on Saturday, December 14, 2019, at the Heritage Hills Middle School Gymnasium, located at 3644 E County Rd 1600 N, Lincoln City, IN 47552.

Vendors are approved on a first-come, first-serve basis. Payment must be received prior to approval. Complete the online form below or print a form here.

All payments must be one month in advance of show, by November 14, 2019, or booth space is forfeited.

Booths are $50 each. Electricity is an additional $5 per booth.


Rules + Registration

Vendors are required to read and sign a Liability Release Statement* before setting up a booth. (Must be signed before participating in this event.) Upon arriving at your selected location, please check in with a Santa Claus Christmas Celebration (SCCC) Craft Show Committee member to take care of this necessary paperwork. You will then be given your Vendor Information Packet. This packet contains a copy of the Arts & Crafts Show Rules and your assigned Booth Number(s).

All payments must be paid one month in advance of show, by November 14, 2019, or booth space is forfeited.

Requests to change booth locations are limited to one per vendor. Requests to be next to another vendor must be made together

SET-UP: Friday from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm CST and Saturday from 7:00 am – 9:00 am CST – Please note that Spencer County is on Central Time. ABSOLUTELY NO EARLY BIRDS are permitted.  

TEAR-DOWN: Tear-down will be after 4:00 pm CST on Saturday. Do not tear down your booth early as this will cause you to be excluded from future shows.

CRAFT SHOW HOURS:  The show will be open to the public on Saturday, December 14, from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm CST.

BOOTH SPACE – Spaces are approximately 9 X 9 but vary based on the particular location due to the architecture of the building.

BOOTH DISPLAYS – Exhibitors are asked to display merchandise in an attractive, festive manner. Your tables must be covered to the floor. Only use free-standing displays and dividers. Nothing may be attached to any walls, windows, or doors. No nails, screws, anchors, pins, staples, tape, or any other fasteners are permitted to be used on these surfaces. Please be considerate of your neighbor and do not extend your tables or displays into another Vendor’s space.

MERCHANDISE – Only arts, crafts, commercial vendors, or food items handmade or grown by the vendor are acceptable for sale. Vendors are only allowed to sell the items that were approved with their application form. Anyone not complying will be asked to modify their display or leave the show. FLEA MARKET ITEMS ARE NOT ALLOWED.

MLM Vendors – Multi-Level Marketing Vendors (Including but not limited to: Advocare, Scentsy, Mary Kay, Tupperware consultants etc.) will be accepted on a limited, first-come, first-serve basis. Only one consultant booth representing the company will be allowed. Ex: We will not accept two individual vendors wanting to display Advocare. 

SALES TAX – It is the responsibility of each vendor who collects Indiana Sales Tax to have a RETAIL MERCHANT CERTIFICATE which must be displayed in the booth along with a sign informing the public that you are collecting sales tax. A certificate is only necessary if you collect Indiana sales tax.

EXITS – Marked Exits must remain accessible and unblocked.

NO SMOKING – The Arts & Crafts Show is a SMOKE-FREE ZONE. Smoking is not allowed inside any craft show location or within 100 feet outside the entrance.

COOKING, CANDLES & INCENSE BURNING – Must be attended at all times.

ANIMALS – No animals allowed. Service animals permitted. 

PARKING – All vehicles must be moved away from the entrance promptly after unloading. Vendors are to park in spaces the furthest away from the entrance.

ELECTRICITY – Vendors who request electricity will have access to one 15 amp outlet. No more than 1000 Watts may be connected to any one outlet. Vendors are responsible for extension cords which must be rated for outdoor use and no longer than 50’. Cords cannot run across the ground in the booth or aisles. ALL 2019 ELECTRIC SPOTS ARE SOLD OUT.

RESTROOMS – Restrooms are located throughout the building.

ATMs – There are Automatic Teller Machines located in town at Spencer County Bank, Fifth Third Bank, and Santa’s Lodge.

VENDOR PHOTOGRAPHS – Upon your request, the photos you sent with your application will be returned to you at the end of your participation in the show.

OTHER – Santa Claus Arts & Craft Show personnel will remove anything we believe is dangerous and/or possibly subjects the Town of Santa Claus to unnecessary liability.

Rules are subject to change without notice. Santa Claus Christmas Celebration Craft Show committee reserves the right to make changes to any policy as needed during the show.

Disclaimer: By participating in this show vendors may be photographed/videographed for use of promoting the Christmas festivities throughout the town of Santa Claus.  If you do not wish to be captured please let us know.

 *LIABILITY RELEASE STATEMENT – The original, signed copy will be held on file with the SCCC Craft Show Committee. This statement, which must be read and signed before participating in the 2019 Santa Claus Christmas Celebration Arts & Crafts Show, is as follows:

The Town of Santa Claus and the Santa Claus Christmas Celebration will not be held responsible for any loss, damage, defacement, or destruction of any property displayed by the Vendor no matter how it is caused. This also includes Personal injury. The Town of Santa Claus and the Santa Claus Christmas Celebration provides no insurance on the Vendor or against the acts or omissions of the Vendor, its agents or employees. All insurance for personal property, public liability, and personal injury must be carried by the Vendor.

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